Thursday, June 10, 2010

Terribly Terrific Two!

It's Jude's day!
He won't officially be 2 until later tonight, but as I recall, this whole day 2 years ago was about him.

I was scheduled to be induced on June 10, 2008
This is me the night before...

...and the last night that he was in my belly.
The next night, after a lot of pain, drugs and ultimately, surgery, I was finally holding my son.

He was beautiful
He was BIG
He was ours

I just wanted to stare at him all day long
To soak up the miracle of this gift
Though I knew from experience that the next few months were NOT going to be easy...

But he was still my precious child and I fell in love all over again
And now...
He is 2 years old.
How does 2 years go by so fast?
Now he is a...


...little boy.
And I feel so blessed to be a mother.

Happy 2nd Birthday Jude!


Anonymous said...

This boy's growing up so fast, he's going to catch up with Cecilia.
Happy birthday, Jude


Anonymous said...

That picture of Terry and Jude with the little scooter made me smile and gave me a warm feeling all over! :)