Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Evening at the Park

A week or so ago we went to the park so that Terry could run some laps on the track that circles it. The kids and I spent the time playing on the playground. This section of the park is older and it definitely shows in the playground equipment. But I took advantage of the the evening lighting and took lots of great pics. many parks do you see these days that still have a super-fast merry-go-round?

Good times...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mucho Pics (Christmas Pt. 2)

Yes, I know, we're a good chunk into January now and I'm finally posting the rest of the Christmas pics.

Let's just use it as a chance to reminisce and hold onto that Christmas spirit for just a while longer. Besides, as Christians, we are still celebrating the season until Epiphany which isn't until tomorrow! So I'm not THAT late. =)

I really love the Christmas season.

Our family has traditionally put up the Christmas tree and decorations as soon after Thanksgiving as we could...and this year was no different.

While everyone else was off snagging their Black Friday deals at the crack of dawn, I slept restfully and then decorated for the rest of the day.

This year was a first for us because we finally put up lights on our house that we have lived in for 5 years.

It was a planned thing though, since we bought the lights for cheap post-Christmas last year.

I think my design and management skills coupled with Terry's hard work turned out nicely.

But, of course, we're already planning to do it even better next year.

Another fun part about Christmas is the fact that I finally get to spend a good chunk of time in the kitchen. Since Terry usually does most of the cooking, I only get to do the big cooking during the holidays.

Aside from the 2 rounds of stuffing (Thanksgiving & Christmas), a ham, desserts, appetizers, broccoli cornbread, King Ranch Chicken (New Year's), oreo bark and 2 batches of peppermint bark, I also managed to make these 'Smores brownies for Cecilia's class Christmas party. They looked so yummy, I just had to take a pic of them!

But I really have to say that the best part about Christmas is the time we take to focus on what it is we are celebrating.

Our church holds a Christmas eve candlelight service and I absolutely love the end when the lights go out, the candles are lit and the congregation sings "Silent Night".

It's so beautiful.

(I could have never gotten those good of pics with my old camera!)

Just before Christmas we had a visit from my oldest (20 yrs!) and best friend, Scott.
He is also the kids' Godfather
He is so silly and fun to have around
We love our time with him

Just before we went to bed on Christmas eve we set out Santa's cookies and milk

Quality control was done first, of course.

And finally after all the anticipation and preparation...Christmas had arrived!!

And the kids were too excited about their Santa gifts.... excited that we got on our new 4-wheeler backwards!

Cecilia got a digital camera

Then we opened our stockings

My family finally arrived and we opened the rest of the presents.
Jude got his own recliner from my parents

Here is Cecilia in her new chair with my dad napping below. =)

My mom with her new electronic wine chiller.
Like she needed another wine related item....haha.

The kids with my grandma...their Gigi.

Jude playing with Grandad (he just calls him "Dad" for now)

The kids had a wonderful Christmas and got a lot of great new things.

The season is finally winding down...or is over completely for some, but we had a happy, healthy and blessed holiday season with our closest family and for that I am truly thankful.

"The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family."
~Thomas Jefferson