Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Catching up...

Whew! I've spent the past week or two getting ready for Jude's birthday party last weekend and am way behind on pics I wanted to post...so I'll just start catching up this week as I can.

Two weekends ago we took a trip to the beach. Gotta love Galveston. Gotta have even more love for Galveston after all it went through almost 2 years ago during Hurricane Ike. It was definitely a bittersweet reunion for me as I haven't been there in a few years anyway. Seeing places I've known my whole life and then NOT seeing places that I've seen my whole life was completely surreal. The hurricane completely erased some memorable spots from the landscape but it was nice to see that a lot has been and is still being rebuilt.
Anyway, this was Jude's first time at the beach and the first time that Terry had been there with us since Cecilia was a pre-schooler.

Here's a comparison of pictures I took the first and last times Terry came to the beach with us:

The other big change between then and now is the addition of this little guy....

...who absolutely loved the beach and had no fear of the water by the time we left.

Although I was more scared than usual of the water after my encounter with one of these guys swimming just a foot or so behind me...

Yeah, that's a stingray...and there were several of them.

I spent a long time trying to catch one on video and had finally given up and started packing up for us to leave when this one showed up:

Yes, I'm chasing it down...but it made for a cool video!

We actually saw lots of wildlife while were there (besides the kids). There were crabs of all shapes and sizes, tiny mollusk things, gulls, brown pelicans that were dive-bombing the fish and, of course, the stingrays.

We had such a great time there. I do hope to do it again sometime this summer. We had to drag the kids away from the beach, so I'm sure they'll be up for it if we do!

Here are some more pics from our day...

Tomorrow I will post about Jude's birthday party.

He will be 2 this week!

Time definitely flies when you're having fun!!

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Surviving Triplets said...

I absolutely adore the picture of you & Terry! What a great family outing!