Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jude's Birthday Party

Tomorrow Jude turns 2 years old.
We celebrated his birthday with friends and family this past weekend.
We had a wonderful time and Jude received some really cool gifts.
We are so grateful to have such awesome people in our lives.

Here are some pics from the party...
We were only able to hang out outside for a short time as the weather was just unbearably hot and humid. Here is Jude entertaining two of my oldest friends, Michael and Scott.
Scott is also Jude's Godfather.

My mom braving the heat to push our friend Michelle's daughter, Morgan, on the swing

And my dad chatting away with Michelle

Jude enjoyed opening his presents.

He tried to hop out of Terry's lap after every gift so that he could play with it.

Then it was time for "Happy Birthday" singing and candle-blowing...

(awesome shirt courtesy of Astrid, who sadly couldn't come to the party)

Time to eat the cake and ice cream!

Afterwards we played some more.

Here, Jude is playing cars with his great-grandma (Gigi)

And showing his new bed (thanks Nana & Paw-Paw!) to Morgan

And a quick pose with Grandad (the hat coincidentally matched his shirt)

When the older kids got bored with the toys, they pulled out their DS systems.

And although he is pouting here because we wouldn't let him play in his sandbox, he is still my precious little guy.

Just one more day...


Koozies said...
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Surviving Triplets said...

Happy, happy birthday Jude! He is turning out to be such a big boy. We are super sad we didn't get to make it out there but are excited about coming out to play on the new swing set. Let's plan!