Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cecilia's first day of Kindergarten...

Cecilia's first day of 5th grade...

The LAST year of elementary school....why is this so hard?? ACK!
That song from Jesus Christ Superstar comes to mind now...."Could We Start Again, Please?"...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

No time for a post these past few days, but I leave this little reminder that the most beautiful things in life are always found when you keep looking UP.

God bless!

Monday, August 10, 2009

A Great Weekend!

What a nice weekend we had! I talked Terry into making it a 3-day weekend (didn't have to twist that arm too hard!) so that on Friday we could take a day trip to Brenham to visit the headquarters of our beloved Blue Bell ice cream factory. I have been there a few times in the past, but Terry had never been on the tour. We all enjoyed it thoroughly and even though there is no photography allowed on the tour, we still made sure to get lots of great pics afterwards...especially of us enjoying that awesome scoop of ice cream that is provided at the end!

Thought this next picture was funny in front of the Blue Bell logo statue...

...looks like they're standing there waiting for the girl and cow to pass.

The rest of our weekend was spent doing our normal relaxing weekend stuff. Jude is enjoying his new found freedom of walking all over the house (with us following close behind) and likes to get into mommy's and daddy's stuff most of the time.

First he found my Build-a-Bear cow that my best friend Scott got for me. It has a sound box in it that giggles and Jude loves it. He had to give it some hugs of course.

Then he pulled out one of daddy's skateboards...

Then he tried to read a book that he found by my bed. No pictures though...although the cover was interesting enough to keep him occupied for a couple of minutes.

Terry's dad came over for dinner Saturday evening and Jude had a good time playing with his Grandad's boots. I don't think his legs were even long enough to stand in them right, but the pictures sure came out cute.

Oh! And if you hadn't noticed, I got a new camera! We got it on Thursday and I was informed by my husband that this will be my present for a few holidays to come, so I had better enjoy it. Haha! I have so been wanting a new camera, so I intend to get as much use out of it as possible.
Here are a couple of pics I took while playing around with it at home.

I wish you all a wonderful week. Only 2 weeks left of summer for the big kiddo. We're ALL ready for the change! =)