Saturday, July 18, 2009

She's Crafty.....

Haha...I've heard a few times lately that I've become "crafty". Not so much become I guess as just inspired to do what I've always been interested in doing. As of late, aside from taking care of the kiddos, I can do nothing but think of my sewing machine. Crazy, huh? I'm always hunting for projects to do and am dying to get my hands on some great fabrics to make things out of.

As of now, I have completed 4 "major" projects (start to finish) and 1 "fix" project (changing something to make it better). The first thing I made was done at the beginning of June for a birthday party that Cecilia was invited to. I had found this project online and thought it would be a perfect present for a 10 year old's birthday at the beginning of summer!

Here is Cecilia so joyfully modeling the beach towel bag that I made:

Here is the bag and the matching towel that was given with it:

I also bought some flip flops to complete the set. I saw the girl at another party just a week or so ago (swim party) and she was using the bag! I was so happy that it was being put to good use!

My next project was a grocery cart/restaurant high chair cover for Jude. He had one that would only work in a grocery cart, but had nothing for those nasty high chairs. I found a basic pattern online and went with it. I don't have a picture of it yet because it would have to be taken while in use. I'll try to get one soon.

The next thing I made was a little project that didn't take too much time at all. I made luggage handle covers for my sister-in-law Leslie and my mother. The purpose is supposed to be easy identification in the sea of black rolling luggage that everyone (including me) has these days. Since Les and my mom travel so much, I thought I'd make them these as a little gift. They came out super cute and Leslie reported after her trip back home that it came in handy at the airport! Unfortunately I don't have a picture yet of these either. I'll get one as soon as I can get one of them to take a pic for me.

My little "fix" project was to FINALLY finish up the sheer that covers my backdoor window. The piece that was on there originally was meant for a long sidewindow that would be alongside a door. I never could find a sheer that I liked in this style for my backdoor, so we just had the long piece folded in half for privacy's sake.

All I then had to do was cut the thing in half, hem up the cut sides to make the bottom and make a casing for the rod in the bottom section. Easy peasy! (sorry there's no before picture)

My most recent project was to make my own pincushion. I didn't have one and every good sewing machine artisan (ha!) needs one! With the help of a buttload of fabric from my best friend Scott's mom, I found some great colors and went to work. I think it came out great. Terry was even impressed! Here are pictures of the top and bottom of it:

That's all for now. I'll work on getting those missing pictures up. Off to create my next project!

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Surviving Triplets said...

LOVE the pin cushion! Ya wanna hook me up? I meant to give you some scraps as well. Oh, & I gotta see that cover! I may be ordering one from you.