Friday, July 17, 2009

The Playdate!

I can't believe I'm just now getting around to posting about our first official playdate ever!
We finally got it together and arranged a playdate with my sister-in-law's best friend Astrid. She has triplets that are 15 1/2 months old. Jude has been needing to be exposed to other children his age (although at times I think his sister can act like a 1 year old...but I guess it's not quite the same for him). When his cousin Ryan was here a couple of weeks ago Jude would just freak out (happily) and would be on top of him constantly, trying to grab his head and such. Poor Ryan didn't know what to think of this crazy kid!
Anyway, the playdate went very well! We plan on doing it again real soon. The kids played well together and Jude was so busy checking out all the new toys that he didn't grab one head!! Unfortunately he also discovered something very new to him....pacifiers. Astrid's girls use them and Jude would try to grab any that he would see and pop it in his mouth. We figured it was mainly because he saw them using the pacifiers and wanted to copy it. I kept piling them up to keep them away, but he kept finding them. It was quite funny to an extent though.

Here is my boy...paci and all...

Playing with Ian

Cecilia getting a hug from the little charmer

Such a sweet face!

Sofi (love the face!) and Ian

Sweet Sofi

Sofi and her momma

Snuggle-bear Gabi...wouldn't leave Cecilia's side most of the time!

And last but not least...lots of kids cramming through a small space!

Seriously can't wait to do this again. I'll just have to bring Jude his own personal paci next time so he'll leave theirs alone! HAHA!!
Here is the link to Astrid's blog where you can read all about her beautiful blessings:
Have a great weekend!

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Surviving Triplets said...

Great post! Loved having you here. Let's plan the next play date.