Monday, August 9, 2010

Music Monday #7 ~ Reggae....really?

Yes, really...well, kind of.

But this isn't the dope-smoking, Rastafarian, Bob Marley stuff.
Not that there isn't a time or place for Marley.
He was the master.

But there is a new development in reggae that seems to be pulling in some types of people that otherwise wouldn't give this genre a chance.
Like me.

Neither of these artists are particularly "new", both have released more than one album.
But both are now among my top ten artists.

Vampire Weekend

Yes, they have a weird name.
But even weirder is the fact that though they sound reggae-ish, they are actually more influenced by African rhythms...and get this, classical American music.
Interesting blend, huh?

Makes for some amazing indie pop sounds though.
Today I'm sharing songs from their first album because as of now, it's my favorite of the two they have put out.

Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
(I wasn't able to embed the official video here, but the song's here anyway)

(Fun song, funny little video...and they use a portion of it on PBS Kids!)

The Kids Don't Stand A Chance/Oxford Comma
(Obviously not the album versions of these two songs, but I do love this impromptu "concert" for one. It also shows off the singer's brilliant voice.)


Now this is Reggae.
But not your weird uncle's Reggae.
This is Hasidic Jew New Yorker Reggae.
Yeah, and you thought Vampire Weekend was odd.

But don't count this one out.
Though I'm obviously not Jewish, I tend to find my own interpretation of his songs, which are, by the way, immersed in Jewish themes.
He sings about God.
The Old Testament God, but God nonetheless.

Though the acceptance of Jesus Christ divides us, I can still find use in his songs because I always feel myself praying and praising every time I sing along.

And it's good stuff.

(He speaks of and quotes King David's psalms in this one.)

King Without a Crown
(Not the album version, but a performance at Stubb's in Austin, TX. I prefer this one to the original. This, so far, is his biggest hit...Top 40 even. If it helped even one person discover God, great. If they found Jesus at the same time...all the better.)

So next time someone offers you a taste of a genre of music that you might not usually be interested in, go on and take a chance.
Music is always evolving and you just never know what might happen when you try new things.
Take care and have a beautiful week!


Michael said...

I knew you would come around. Tho, I have to admit again, I only know one song from Vampire and very little about the M fellow...

I would love to suggest now...but I have to leave. It is 5:00 on a Friday afternoon...which makes me think about Squid by Zox. Fine Friday afternoon music...yeah!

Joni said...

Oh, forgot to tell you. Jeremy that works at WineStyles has been listening to the Jewish guy for years. Jeremy's grandparents escaped from Auschwitz when they were 15 / 16 years old. Jeremy actually got to hear the Jewish guy sing at the place in Austin.