Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ear fluid update? Need opinions!

I just wanted to throw a quick question out there for anyone who may read this (whether I know you or not!) and have been through this before.
Backstory in case you haven't read the past few posts...
My 2 yr old has had fluid behind his eardrums and we are set to have tubes put in on the 27th.
But the doctor gave us some Nasonex spray to hopefully help the ears drain on their own.
He will check them again on the 23rd to see if the spray has helped.

We started the Nasonex on August 5th and yesterday (5 days later) I noticed that Jude's voice was hoarse.
It got worse as the day went on. Otherwise he seemed fine. No runny nose or anything.
I started wondering if maybe his ears were draining into his throat, causing the irritation.
Then last night he woke up repeatedly crying. You could tell that something was draining, as he kept swallowing and coughing occasionally.

So here's my question...has anyone ever had this issue and been prescribed a nose spray to help?
And if the ears did drain on their own, do my son's "symptoms" sound similar to your experience?

I'm keeping an eye on him because both of my kids are prone to sinus issues and I really don't want him to get sick on top of the ear problems.
I guess I'm just praying that the ears ARE draining and that this means he won't have to have least not at this time.

Thanks for any and all comments and opinions!

Take care,


Surviving Triplets said...

I wish I had advice. Can you call the ENT's nurse & see if this is normal?

Anonymous said...

I was going to advise the same as "triplets"...
I'm sure you've checked yet or but if not...
Give us a periodic update...