Monday, October 25, 2010

Music Monday #17 ~ Wordless

Gosh, I so love a good sing-a-long.
Typically, if I can't sing a song, I don't like it.
(We won't bother discussing whether that singing sounds good or not)

But there are exceptions to every rule and there are definitely some in this case.

Sometimes it is just nice to sit back and listen... just feel the music.

I'm pretty sure that all my continual howling over songs takes away their full meaning,
so when a song comes along that doesn't have any words,
I am forced to keep my mouth shut and open my ears.

Sure there have been some amazing compositions created over the centuries.
Who doesn't love a bit of Mozart or Beethoven now and then?

But the instrumentals I am highlighting today are some of my all-time favorites composed within the last century.
I will post them in chronological order.

First up is from dad will love this one.
He and I were both born too late.
We listened to this a time or two thousand when I was a kid.
And I love the theatricality of the band in this performance.

Here's "In the Mood" by Glenn Miller:

The next two songs were both recorded in 1959.

I have to admit right here and now that I am not a fan of the saxophone.
There are just very few songs out there with that instrument in it that I really enjoy.
But here's another exception to another rule...
...Dave Brubeck.
Amazing jazz artist.
Amazing song.
(and prepare to be blown away by the drum solo)
Good stuff.

Here's "Take Five":

And the other from the same year is seriously one of my absolute favorite songs.
Even if it weren't associated with "La Bamba".

Here's "Sleepwalk" by Santo & Johnny:
(Les, you can just skip this one ;-)

And last, but certainly not least, is a piece composed by Bjork for the movie "Dancer in the Dark".
It is the opening overture and is simply titled "Overture".
It's not very long, but incredibly powerful.
This song alone has, at times, brought tears to my eyes.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this chance to just sit back and listen to some incredible songs by some incredible artists.
We should probably all give our mouths a break from time to time and let our ears get some use.

Take care,

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Anonymous said...

Excellent picks....
Can't pic a fav...too many choices!