Monday, September 13, 2010

Music Monday #12 ~ Pomplamoose Multiple Choice

So I wanted to introduce a group called Pomplamoose to all of those who aren't in the know yet.
Well, until just a few months ago, I wasn't in the know either.

I don't know a whole lot about them yet, just that the singer, Nataly Dawn, has the coolest voice, they do lots of random song covers, and they tend to use an odd variety of instruments in their music.
Oh, and one other thing, even though I have their album "A Tribute to Famous People" on my iPod and listen to the songs quite regularly, I have found that none of it can be truly appreciated until watching the videos. Their videos all have the same theme, in that they are pieced together from their recordings of the song.
And these are some funny people.

So when I was trying to decide which song(s) I wanted to post here...I just couldn't decide!
Therefore, today I have created my first musical multiple choice.
I am posting as many of their covers as I feel up to today and YOU have the choice of which to play.

WARNING: You may end up listening to/watching ALL of them...they're just so dang good.

Gotta start with my personal fav:

And just so I don't leave out the fact that they DO write their own songs, here are a couple:

Whew! Well I'm exhausted...time for a nap!
Hope you heard something you liked.

Have a fun week!

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