Monday, July 26, 2010

Music Monday #5 ~ Throwbacks

Musical throwbacks.
What are they really?
The easiest way for me to explain it is that moment when you hear a song and you are instantly catapulted backwards through time and feel like you are listening to your parent's radio (or your own radio if you're old...haha).
I love me some throwbacks...and the better music these days (in MY opinion) has been taking task with reminding today's generation of the history of the stuff they call music now.
Rewinding memory to a day when rock and roll was groundbreaking and inspiring...that is an amazing feeling.

Today I will introduce you to some of my favorite throwbacks as of late.
And I assure you that all of these songs are from recent years and are NOT from the era that they sound...THAT is the coolest part of this music!

King Khan and the Shrines
I've been diggin' this group for a couple of years now.
I was amazed and intrigued by the fact that a current band could recreate this sound so well.
I'll let the music speak for itself now...
(and feel free to get up and dance if you like:)

Band of Skulls
A pretty recent addition to my collection.
As soon as I heard them I thought of my husband.
He is the throwback king.
He loves old garage rock, rockabilly, punk, etc.
He doesn't always dig my personal choices in artists, but he actually came home with this CD the day after I had him listen to it.
This is a great new band.
The have kind of a White Stripes sound.
But this song in particular made me think of another band from recent years called Wolfmother.
If you haven't heard of them and like this song, definitely check them out on youtube.
They have an old Led Zeppelin, late 60's/early 70's feel.
Love it.

She & Him
Before rock music went crazy in the mid 60's, it was sweet, polite and pleasant.
(if you don't believe me, check out the Beatles discography and see at what point all heck broke loose on their music)
This duo is so reminiscent of that innocent era, it's ridiculous.
And before you go racking your brain to figure out where you've seen that singer, I'll give you a hint:
Almost Famous...the kid's stewardess big sis?
Bridge to Terabithia...the music teacher?
Okay, so if no bells are going off, her name is Zooey Deschanel and yes, she is also an actress.
And who knew she had such a cool voice too?

Oh, and just so you don't get away from here without hearing an actual oldie, here is She & Him's version of "You Really Got a Hold on Me" (originally by The Miracles circa 1962).
(my apologies that the song cuts off at the end, but it was the best clip I could find)

Well, my friends, thanks for experiencing this flashback with me.
I do hope you'll join me on my next matter which direction in time or sound it takes us!

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