Monday, July 12, 2010

Music Monday #3 ~ My iTunes Top 5

We don't have cable or satellite TV at our house (yep...bunny ears and a converter box for us), but from what I recall from experience at my mom's house, you can have hundreds of channels at your disposal and still can find NOTHING to watch.

This is how things are with my iPod sometimes.
I have 1350+ songs in this tiny, handheld device and there are times when I will flip through songs for 5 minutes straight until I find something I feel like listening to.
I have whittled down my collection too...meaning that I have eliminated all those songs from each album that I either don't like or am ambivalent towards.

But like on TV when you always end up watching reruns of your favorite shows when all else fails, I always end up listening to the same songs over and over.
These are the songs that I will almost never skip past.

The iTunes library lets you sort out your songs however you choose and this is my top 5 according to "play count".
Now some may find it odd that some of my long time "favorite" artists aren't even in this list...come to think of it, I find it odd as well. But it is what it is...and my favorites are slowly evolving I guess.

So here goes...

My iTunes Top 5

Way to Blue ~ Nick Drake
This isn't the original album version, but is from the collection released by his sister a few years ago of his personal home recordings. I do absolutely love this version much more than the original.
(i was unable to embed the video here, so you will have to use the link to watch)

Lonelily ~ Damien Rice
I was privileged enough to see Damien Rice in concert in a small setting and it was the most amazing show I have ever seen (this can only be said when you are actually moved to tears during a concert).
Then to top it all off, Terry and I stalked Damien down in the freezing cold in the parking lot afterwards while he talked on the phone. When his call ended, Terry got out of our car and got him to autograph my CD. He even drew a little picture of a person flying a kite. So cool...

Famous Last Words ~ My Chemical Romance
An epic song to end an epic album. Don't know why this album appeals to me so much, but I love it from beginning to end...and it may be the only album I can say that about.

We Are Going To Be Friends ~ The White Stripes
Such a sweet little song...and the only song I have ever attempted to play on a guitar.
(not that I ever really figured it out...not knowing how to play the guitar and all)

First Day of My Life ~ Bright Eyes
Okay, so this was the first time that I actually watched this video and by the end I was in tears.
Guess I was just feelin' the love, so to speak.
Love the concept of this video especially since this is one of mine and Terry's songs.
Amazing song.


Michael said...

Although I don't know any of these songs...I know what you are saying. Artists like Bjork have some how fallen to the side a bit...perhaps because I don't need to feed the up or down mood swings the way that I used to AND/OR although as much as I still appreciate her creativity and artistry, a lot of it has become a bit of a novelty over time. So, the same with other lovely long time artists.

However, I think if I were to pick one song that is harder than all others to pass over, it would be "Here Comes the Sun."

Good post Andrea, I'll have to check some of your songs out...surely they are great!

Andrea said...

Honestly, if i hadn't just recently FINALLY added all of our Beatles' albums to my iTunes, I think there would have been at least one of their songs in my list. Yeah...not many Beatles songs that I can skip over.

Michael said...

The Beatles tend to be a little novelty-ish as well...but adding them to your iTunes is like adding a gold mine to your ears.

Leslie said...

The only one I recognize is the song from Napoleon Dynamite. GOSH!

Joni said...

All I can say is, where oh where did Dad and I go wrong with your musical upbringing????? The only one I could understand is the Damien Rice song, although the last one was good (strange, but good). Smiled when I saw the dog with the headphones on. The girls kissing though were too much for me. Maybe if I had just heard the song and not seen the video also, it would have been easier to handle.


Andrea said...

And all I can say is that your parents probably didn't exactly enjoy yours and dad's taste in music either when you were younger.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mom,
I think all of these songs are pretty cool (remember that it's the music that catches me first; the lyrics and/or videos come later if at all).
However, you can't really expect your daughter to listen to old fogie music with groups like Pink Floyd, Zepp, REO, Petty, Def Leppard, Ramones, Nugent, Aerosmith, Queen and all of these throwbacks, can you???
Besides, "emo" doesn't describe any of the above.


Andrea said...

emo schmemo...
ummm...aside from the nugent...i have all of the aforementioned "old fogey" bands in my collection. and don't forget that my dear husband is a total ramones fan and that led zeppelin accompianed the first dance at our wedding. you raised me well with a solid foundation in the classics and an open mind to the future of music. besides...nick drake was an artist in the late 60's-early 70's and was dead in 1974.