Monday, March 22, 2010

Can I trade noses with you please?

That's all I can say today.
My head/nose/face are screaming for relief.
I don't think I have ever not liked the spring season until now, but the weather changes, pollen and spring cleaning dust have culminated into a disaster for my sinuses.
I don't typically suffer much from allergies, just an occasional stuffy nose.
But seriously feels like I have been snorting lines of black pepper.
Every mucus lining in my head and mouth is burning and I have been producing these crazy screaming sneezes every few minutes that make anyone within a 100 ft. radius jump out of their skin. due to this unforeseen will get no interesting blog from me...just a few pics of some of the causes of said blahness.

A bloom from my tulip tree

That's my pollen.

The little one trying his darnedest to end up like me.

Let's just hope this crud goes as quickly as it came so that I can actually enjoy the beauty of springtime.

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