Thursday, March 4, 2010

Camera Play

So I've had my Nikon camera for 7 months or so now and I really wish I could figure out how to use it the "right way". By that I mean that I wish I could learn how to use it in "manual" mode.
I want to learn how to play with the focus and lighting and such, and I've read up on how to start doing this, but I think I just need someone to put their hands on the camera and SHOW me what it all means. Until then, I think my pictures will not be nearly as good as they could be, but even so, I still think the camera, even on automatic settings, takes great photos.
I figured that today I would showcase some of the shots I have gotten when I've just been playing with perspective and detail. I love how a good camera can really preserve the fleeting beauty of a moment or detail of nature.
Aside from the black & white one, all of the pictures are straight from the camera and "untouched". As much as I love to play around with a picture, I think I appreciate a natural picture even more.

Enjoy the pics!

Have questions about any of the pictures (what they are and such)?
Just leave a comment and ask!


Anonymous said...

Can you whatasize that burger, fries and drink ??
Love all the pics!!...


Andrea said...

haha! it'd take some serious whatasizing for that meal since the burger was only about an inch tall! Compliments of Cecilia and her clay.

Surviving Triplets said...

Love all the pics! Those are fantastic!

Anonymous said...

The caption on the b&w pic should be "no, no, dad, that's the should be on the, let me show you"...
what do you think??