Thursday, February 11, 2010

Awesome Giveaway!

No, it's not something being given away by me, but it's a giveaway I just stumbled upon.
A local professional photographer who does beautiful work is giving away a free photo session!
I have been SO wanting to have my kids do something like this, but these sessions just cost much more than we're able to afford.
To sign up for the giveaway or just to see her work, go HERE.

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Anonymous said...

dude! I guess I never told you this, but I am sooo wanting to do Photography as like a 'side business'. I LOVE and enjoy photography sooooo much (and have taken a couple of classes too). So, the next time I'm in Texas, lol, I would love to do a family 'session' with y'all....well OF y'all! :) Totally free of charge! I'll upload the pics for ya (and put them on either a disk or a SD card) and y'all can pick out the ones you like the best then I will 'doctor' those photos (on my photo program) seeee....all freee :) and it helps me out too cuz it helps me build a portfolio (for future clients)! ~April~ (i didn't want to sign up and i don't have a google account so i'm choosing 'anonymous'