Monday, November 23, 2009

So Busy!

It's no secret that this time of the year is beyond busy for most, but methinks I've gone and given myself more to do than time allows.

Let's see...

Jersey Village Craft Fair on Dec. 6th to get ready for (I still have 21 bags to make!)

I am also making desperately needed belts for Jude using this great tutorial.

Oh yeah, there's also the normal mommy duties, thanksgiving preparations, Christmas decorating, etc, etc, etc...

So what do I do in the middle of all of this?

I go and get myself wrapped up(literally) in a NEW project.
A seriously fun one though!

When I find the time, I'll post the awesome patterns I've picked out for this project.

Until then, just reminisce over my old blogs. =)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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