Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Terry's Birthday

My sweet husband celebrated his 38th birthday yesterday.

When I asked him if he felt like he was only 2 years away from 40, his answer was a definite NO.

Although I am 4 years younger than him, I have never "felt" the distance in our ages...even when we first dated and I was 19 and he was 23. And neither one of us feel like we're hiking up that hill of our 30's now. But like I always say, age is just a number.

But it is always good to do something fun for your birthday and though we didn't have any major festivities planned for his birthday, he did take a few days off of work, so we took a little trip to the park yesterday morning.

Terry has been into all things skateboarding since forever. He wears skateboard shirts any time he's not working and only owns Vans skateboard shoes (he has 13 different pairs...more shoes than I own!!). He hasn't skated much at all in the past few years since he is now a "grown-up" and has to worry about more important things like work and such. There is little time left each day for him to do the things he loves like skateboarding.

Fortunately for us, there is a nice little park not too far away that has a great skatepark. It has 2 large concrete bowls and some ramps and rails. We went by there once, but it was still under construction. So yesterday was his chance since most of the "kids" that would crowd the place normally were all in school.

But first things first...we had to take little Jude to the playground there at the park.

He got a few pushes from daddy on the swing...

Walked across the squeaky bridge...

Slid down the slide...

Rode the rocking seahorse...

and drove the train.

Then it was daddy's turn to play!
So Jude took a break from the stifling humidity to watch daddy.

Terry had to get all geared up for his first time in a concrete bowl. This was definitely something he had looked forward to for a long time.

And off he went!!

We had a little intermission when his shoelace broke...

But then he was back at it!
Jude liked when Terry would ride up and wave at him.
Jude would laugh so hard.

I was so proud of him. It's not easy to be out of practice with your skateboarding and then just hop into something challenging like a concrete bowl. Terry had a few little spills, but overall did so great. He really enjoyed himself. And he really deserves the time he got to do something he loves.

To my sweet "old" man...may you always be young at heart.

Happy Birthday Terry!!!
Love you!


Surviving Triplets said...

Awe! Happy b-day Terry! Enjoy the time w/ your family.

BTW, he should really start skateboarding again. Don't let him be too much of an adult!


Leslie said...

That's awesome..I didn't even know about this!